Projects and creativity

Kayak building and paddling as a full-time job since 1996 has been quite a journey for Anders Thygesen and Kajakkspesialisten. There have been lots of interesting jobs and projects along the way. Studying original kayaks, baidarkas and paddles in museums have been a great interest of Anders since he first started building and paddling arctic kayaks. Naturally, this turned into replica builds, jobs with and for various museums, paddle trips in Norway and abroad. Anders is continuously developing new products and ways of producing paddles and building kayaks. Dived into SUP building and has held classes for thousands of people through the past 25 years. On this page, we will try to show a bit of what's been going on now and in the past. If you're impatient to see more of this, reading the Kajakkspesialisten blog that dates back to 2010 might help.

The entire coast of Norway expedition 2011

In the summer of 2011, Anders paddled the entire Norwegian coast in a skin on frame baidarka of his own making. Two fellows joined him on this epic voyage, and it became the adventure of a lifetime. 3000 km. were covered by paddle during the 73 days the trip lasted. Here is a teaser with live pictures from the trip. Enjoy!