A bunch of kayakers who built kayaks attending a kayakbuilding class in Kajakkspesialisten 

Ivar Finneid is an architect, living in Bergen. He has attended several kayak building courses. Here he is out paddling his latest craft, an East Greenland kayak

Claudio Rufa from Italy built this beautiful baidarka in Vestfossen, summer 2009. Here he is home in the Mediterrean Sea.

Øyvin Sæther and Audun Sødal celebrate 17. mai (Constitution Day) in homemade kayaks in Trondheim.

Anne Berit Heide from Brønnøysund on a maiden voyage with a kayak built on a course.

Reidar Stølen sent this picture from an airy paddling experience.

Reidar Bertelsen is an archeologist, living in Tromsø. In 2002, he attended a kayak building course in Southern Norway, and built a Greenland kayak. Here he is, well home in Tromsø.

Bjørn Lunde is an engineer and works in Sandefjord. He built two kayaks during Autumn 2005! He built the first one during his evening classes with Kajakkspesialisten, and the other one in parallell at home in the basement. When the basement kayak was done, he picked it apart, cut the longest frame boards into shorter pieces, and packed everything into a suitcase. Then he travelled to Thailand, where he and his family have a vacation resort. In Thailand he put the frame together again and covered it with canvas. He had several fine trips there, and his rolling practice gathered numerous spectators.

Vitek Jindrle from Czech Republic built this beautiful craft at a course with Kajakkspesialisten.

For Asle Håvard Miklegård from Sortland the dark hours are no obstacle to paddling!

Dag Hartmann is an archeologist, living in Vålådalen in Sweden. He built this beautiful baidarka on a course held by kajakkspesialisten in Sweden, 2005. 

Pekka and Pirkko from Finland sent this beautiful picture of the kayaks they built at the course.

Ruth Kuhn is german and lives in Northeast Greenland, and built the kayak at a course in Vestfossen. Here she's at home among polar bears and icebergs!

Øystein Nøtsund and his cohabitant Ahn Loan Li each built their own kayak at a course.

Remi Nyheim from Vesterålen built this splendidly decorated kayak at a course.

Erik Thoresen and Sigurd Henrichsen from Fredrikstad on a maiden voyage.

John Grooves from Canada built a kayak at a course, and later brought it home to Ontario.

Hjörtur Gardasson is a smith from Iceland. He built the West Greenland kayak in the photo on a course at Vestfossen, summer of 2006. Here he is paddling at the harbour of Copenhagen.

Kyrre and John built each their own Greenland kayak, on a course in Sogndal in 2002. They just had to celebrate when the kayaks were all finished.