Kayakbuilding at Kajakkspesialisten

At a construction course, you have the opportunity to learn the art of building your own sea kayak. The course is given in the best tradition of the Inuits, where the art is passed on from person to person. The course includes the opportunity to personalize the kayak as you wish, both in form and function. Each participant builds their own kayak under supervision. We use simple hand tools, and instruction in the use of tools will be given if necessary. We always make paddles, too. The course usually takes 7-9 full work days and can be arranged as a week's course or as evening classes.

The kayak is completed during the course, but you will need to spend 10-15 hours afterwards sanding, polishing, painting and performing other finishing touches. Courses are held all over the country for different groups. Usually, at least 6 participants are required to start a course. Courses for smaller groups or even individuals can be arranged. They last a shorter time and cost somewhat more. Prices are provided upon request.

Kayak prices (in NOK)*

Greenland and Alaska types:    15,800.-
Double kayak: 18,800.-
Children's Greenland kayak: 14,600.-

These base prices cover time and materials. Additionally, hatches may be requested. Travel, lodging and other expenses will be added for courses held outside the kayak specialist's workshop.

Can I attend a kayak construction course without being good at handiwork?

Yes. Everything will probably go well even if you have two left hands. It's easier if you're used to working with woodworking tools, as this will mean that there are fewer things that you will have to learn during the course. I've had several course participants who had almost never used woodcraft tools before, and they built good kayaks. Few of those who take courses here are professional craftsmen. Most of them spend their days in front of computers, and I have yet to see one of them leave without a functional kayak.

Where do I sign up?

Look up dates at the course calendar and contact Anders Thygesen