Kit for skinning a kayak

Complete kit for re-skinning a kayak 5,5 m

Kit for skinning a kayak 6,0 m

Complete kit for re-skinning a kayak

Sailmaker needles

Sailmakers Needles

Locking clamp

Locking clamp for sewing

Gorilla Glue 60 ml

Gorilla Glue


Canvas for skinning a kayak

Brooks neoprene hatchcover

Neoprene hatchcover

Wooden hatch

Highly functional and 100% watertight hatch for skin-on-frame kayaks

Linen thread

Linen yarn

Boyancy bag

Extra boyancy for your kayak

Wooden cockpit

Wood cockpit with edge

Wooden cockpit with modern seasock

Sea sock and cockpit combined

Herdins stain

Various colours

MEGA Foam seat

Comfortable foam seat

Kajak sport footrest

Kajak sport footrest

MEGA Kayaks backrest

Foam backrest from MEGA Kayaks

Closed cell foam

Foam for padding your seat and kayak

Tec7 100 ml

Transparent glue, sealant and caulking material