Kayaks for sale

From time to time there will be kayaks for sale. They are eihter used or new, built for sale. Please contact Kajakkspesialisten if you are interested in one and don't live close by. Transportation and shipping is sometimes difficult. 

South Greenland kayak

Super light all-round kayak

South Greenland kayak 570

Very light and beautiful kayak

East greenlandic kayak 528

Unik og enestående østgrønlandsk kajakk

Rolling kayak 544

Mellomstor rulle kajakk

Rollingkayak 542

Rolling kayak in skin/ plywood kombination

Rolling kayak 546

New allround / rolling kayak

small GReenland kayak 420

Kayak for children

Racing baidarka 540

Narrow and long baidarka built for speed!

Baidarka 520

Brand new very light touring baidarka

Baidarka, special build 470

Allround maneuverable baidarka

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