Shipping outside Europe

Shipping goods outside Europe is very easy. Mind that all the prices in the webshop include Norwegian VAT which is 25%. When shipping goods outside Norway's borders, 25% of the price is therefore extracted. Your own country's VAT (if you have any) will then be added by your country's customs when the goods cross the border to your country and will be collected from you by the freight carrier. That is IF your country has VAT.

For US customers, for instance, that means in practice that all the prices are discounted 25%

For bigger packages, such as paddles, we use UPS. UPS offers very fast and safe delivery. For paddles, we always choose manual handling, which ensures the paddle's safety on the road. For delivery, UPS will contact you, phone and/or e-mail, and try to deliver your package at your delivery address during business hours. Usually, you can ask them to leave your package at your house if you're not home. Or make them come another more convenient time. Or you can say you want to pick up the package yourself at the nearest pickup point. Pickup points may not always be an option when we ship paddles, since some pickup points have limited space. 

Payment. Payment is always done using an invoice. We handle every order manually. This means that if anything seems wrong, or the shipping price is not correct for some reason, we get a chance to correct it before we send you the payment details. You only pay for the shipping service and goods that you get.

Shortly after placing an order, you will receive an invoice that we will ask you to pay. For payment there are at the moment 2 options:

  1. PayPal - the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. If you don't have an account already, you can sign up in 2 minutes and pay using your credit card. Free of charge, super safe, and works instantly.
  2. Bank transfer - Safe and easy, but may cost a fee from your bank. We send you our account details with the invoice.

Credit card - is not an option yet.