Reskinning a skin on frame kayak

There are lots of reasons for reskinning a skin-on-frame kayak. Motsly it's to get a lighter kayak or after a rebuild. Sometimes you need to change the shape of the kayak or the frame or make adjustments inside the kayak. Reskinning involves cutting of the old fabric and skinning it with a new. This would normally be done with either cotton or nylonpolyester. Reskinning a kayak is allways a good chance to rebuild or improve the kayak or just to give the kayak a new color.

How to do it on your own

Anders Thygesen has made a hole range of videotutorials shown below. Here you can get the hole process step by step. In the kajakkspesialisten webshop you will find the reskinng kit for sale, a variaty of tools and other things for DIY projects. The kit doesn't include tools.

Kit for skinning a kayak

Complete kit for re-skinning a kayak 5,5 m

Kit for skinning a kayak 6,0 m

Complete kit for re-skinning a kayak

Wooden cockpit with modern seasock

Sea sock and cockpit combined

Wooden hatch

Highly functional and 100% watertight hatch for skin-on-frame kayaks