Welcome to Kajakkspesialisten and our webshop

Here you will find a lot of informasjon on Greenland and traditional kayaks, on kajakkbuilding and paddlemaking and in the webshop you will find all the Norwegian Wood Paddles made by kayakbuilder and paddlemaker Anders Thygesen. The English version of the webshop is adapted to our international market and has a slightly different assortment than the Norwegian edition. If you are from Scandinavia, please visit the Norwegian version of the webshop.

Norwegian Wood Paddles

The brand Norwegian Wood Paddles is paddles made by Anders Thygesen. All his paddles are 100 per cent carved by hand. They are made out of locally grown wood, mostly spruce, ash, and oak. They are simplified perfection when it comes to design and use. Today they are known as Norwegian Wood Paddles. The production of the paddles is very sustainable and so are the paddles. When ordering a paddle from Kajakkspesialisten, it may take 1-2 weeks to get it if you live in other countries than Norway, especially outside Scandinavia, but we always try to ship paddles as fast as possible.

Brooks paddle Gear

Kajakkspesialisten is also the biggest retailer of Brooks Paddle Gear in Europe and we have a huge stock, which means we can deliver Brooks Gear fast. Read more about Kajakkspesialisten and Anders Thygesen elsewhere on this website and on the Kajakkspesialisten blog.

Happy paddling!

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