Robusta Produktionsprocesser (engelsk)

Robusta produktionsprocesser (Eng)

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Industry in Germany and Europe, especially the automotive industry, is currently experiencing great changes. Market globalization continues to progress and the industry is now exposed to international competition. The number of different automobile brands, which had been decreasing in recent decades, has expanded in the last few years to include Asian competitors who are now also internationally active. Their products are taking an ever-larger market share due to the extensive fitment of products as standard and a good ratio of price to performance.

In addition, the OEMs are faced with ever-greater product complexity and ever-shorter development and test lead-times.

This present volume, Robust Production Processes, provides assistance with the following topics:

  • How are Robust Production Processes implemented?
  • How are Robust Production Processes evaluated or measured?
  • How are influencing factors and failures dealt with?
  • How can existing production processes be improved?

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