Produktintegritet - PSCR (ENG)

Product Integrity Representative - PSCR (ENG)

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Product innovation frequently results in increasing product complexity, with simultaneous shorter development cycles. Combined with increasing customer expectations in terms of the function and safety of products, this raises particular challenges for all organizations involved.

Organizations have to deal not only with new customers and their cultures but also with changing customer expectations and the country-specific laws and requirements that apply to the products. Furthermore, the sensitivity and connectedness of product users and authorities, and public discussions on the issue of product integrity have increased significantly

Reasonable safety expectations from customers, consumers, and uninvolved third parties (the “general public”) need to be identified and taken into account. If products prove to be “unsafe” in the market, the organization has an obligation to initiate the necessary actions to protect customers, consumers, or the general public.

The resulting duty of care is the basis for appropriate handling of safety and conformity-related issues.

From these insights, organizations can develop preventive measures with regard to internal processes, methods and tools, as well as the organization structure.

This volume provides recommendations for implementation. The accompanying VDA training provides a more in-depth look at the content of this volume using real-world examples

The objective of this volume is to create a better understanding of product safety and product conformity - combined under the term “product integrity” for the purposes of this volume.