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A process audit is a method for impartial analysis and evaluation of product development and implementation processes as well as their effectiveness. The VDA 6.3 standard is applied in accordance with ISO 19011.

Process audits can be used internally as well as externally throughout the entire product life cycle and fulfill the requirements specified in IATF 16949. Process audits are suitable for small or medium-sized companies as well as large corporations.

In general, this volume can be used throughout the entire product life cycle. In this regard, a distinction is made between:

  • Potential analysis
  • Product and production process development
  • Product and production process implementation
  • Series production

VDA Volume 6.3 constitutes an evaluation of the quality capability of the processes for developing and manufacturing direct products, including integrated software (where applicable). Should additional proofs be required internally or by the customer (e.g. ASPICE), these should be obtained outside of the VDA 6.3 evaluation by means of suitable procedures.

When conducting process audits, the selection of process elements and the implementation period may vary.

During series production, the process audit serves to ensure regular monitoring of the series production processes and can also be used on an event-oriented basis.

The aim of the process audit is to determine whether the processes/process steps fulfill the process and product requirements and specifications. Any discrepancies detected are evaluated in accordance with a points system with regard to the process/product risk and are documented as audit findings. The objective is to determine to what extent potentially nonconforming products are to be expected based on the audit findings, as well as to identify the associated risks

Contents (104 pages)


1 Notes on the revision 

2 Instructions for use 

3 Requirements for process auditors 
4 Notes on conducting remote audits
5 Potential analysis (P1) 
6 Evaluating a process audit for products 
7 Questionnaire
8 Glossary and list of abbreviations

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