MLA, Mognadsgrad för nya produkter (eng)

Mognadsgrad för nya produkter, MLA (Eng)

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his present volume is a revision of the first issue, dated November 2006. The revision was carried out as the result of feedback regarding the potential for standardisation, generated from pilot projects and training carried out between suppliers and OEMs.

The most significant changes and adaptations which have been made are:

  • The introduction of an additional maturity level (ML5): "Parts from production tools and production facilities are available" (resulting in levels of ML0 to ML7)
  • Revision of measurement criteria, including maturity level indicators (ML0-7) and synchronisation with VDA 6.3 (new)
  • Directing the measurement criteria toward the validation of product and process
  • Set of measurement criteria are now a valid standard, replacing OEM-specific maturity level methods, and apply to all new parts
  • Differentiated use of maturity level assurances for parts classified as A, B and C (prioritized) risks.

This publication is a guideline for companies in the automotive industry in implementing maturity level methodology in the validation of the products they receive from their suppliers. It may also be regarded as a requirement in a customer-supplier relationship (included, for example, in purchasing conditions, requirements specifications and project-specific requirements).

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