Fältfelanalys och revisionsstandard 2018 (ENG)

Field Failure Analysis & Audit Standard (ENG)

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Following the first edition of the VDA “Field Failure Analysis” publication in 2009 and the audit standard in 2011, both publications were fundamentally revised and consolidated.

The second edition is an update and an optimised version which incorporates the accumulated experience.

In addition, the VDA “Field Failure Analysis” publication also contains the following key aspects:

  • Greater focus on the entire supply chain

  • Stronger integration of the planning process into the product development process

  • Improved analysis of customer complaints and data management

  • Consideration of multiple failures

  • Example of NTF guidelines included

  • Problem analysis with special cases

  • Expanded problem-solving process

  • Market monitoring integrated

  • Audit questionnaire expanded and restructured

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