Edustamme ja tuomme maahan laadukkaita tsekkiläisiä FOMA NDT-radiografia filmejä jotka soveltuvat röntgen- tai gammakuvauksiin.

FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd., Czech Republic, manufactures wide products´ system for industrial radiography (FOMA NDT SYSTEM) including all speed range of NDT films INDUX, processing chemicals and other accessories (film viewers, control tests, wetting agent, etc.).

INDUX (FOMADUX) is a technical radiographic film determined for non-destructive testing of materials by X-ray or gamma radiation. It is intended for manual as well as machine processing.

INDUX is available as darkroom packing (IF- interleaved folder, FW-folder wrapped, NIF- non interleaved) or as a daylight packing (vacuum packing with or without lead foil) and also as a roll film.