Pedro´s Kedjetvätt Chain Pig

Pedro´s Chain Pig

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The Chain Pig was designed with professional quality, easy use, performance and versatility in mind.  Each element has been designed to outperform and outlast the competition.  The upper and lower body are made from super-strong, chemical and impact-resistant plastic, designed to last for years of use.  The brush wheels, which have the toughest job in any chain cleaner, feature larger diameter bristles optimized for stiffness, effective cleaning performance, and superior durability.  For bikes with rear derailleurs the drag-free derailleur hook provides simple use and hands-free operation.  The Chain Pig has also been designed for efficient cleaning and degreaser usage.  The system allows effective cleaning using only 1 fluid ounce of degreaser.  The stage one brushes effectively pull degreaser up from the reservoir and onto the chain.  The chain is then scrubbed from all angles and finally pulled through a large durable sponge that wicks excess and contaminated fluid from the chain minimizing mess and dripping.  The sponge also wipes the chain, filtering larger contaminants, and returning usable degreaser back for more cleaning.