KLS-Dekkvarmere Prox Sort/blå stripe

Developed by Motorcycle World Championship/MotoGP racers and professional teams

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Carbon fiber heating technology

The proX model uses our patented carbon fiber heating technology. Countless GP winners and world champions rely on this superior heating technology. The fastest possible warming of the tire and rim without local overheating will ensure maximum grip and durability of your tire on the track! 
Only the proX has an asymmetric heating profile : around 15% more heat output in the inclined area of the tire than in the middle tread area. This ensures that even with very short heating times of the inclined area provides sufficient grip.

Another unique feature of the proX: 3-dimensionally preformed heating elements for optimum fit / heat transfer and a long service life.

2 themostat-controlled tire temperatures

Two precision thermostats with ultra-short control hystereses are used. The target temperatures are 55 ° C or 85-90 ° C. 
The 55 ° C level offers several advantages: 
1. The heating of very temperature-sensitive tires, eg rain tires or intermediates 
2. The possibility to keep a tire warm at a "grip-friendly" temperature level for a longer time without damaging side effects.

Example: in free practice, the driver comes into the pits and it is still unclear how long the break will be. You can then put the proX on the 55 ° C level directly back on the tires and keep warm, if necessary, a time of> 1.5h. 
Approximately 10 minutes before the driver returns to the track, the car then switches back to the 85 ° C level to bring the tire to its optimum operating temperature.

Heating time

At 20 ° C ambient temperature approx. 30 minutes at 85-90 ° C tire temperature and approx. 45 ° C rim temperature. Due to the high final temperature of the tire and rim, the proX model also enables problem-free bridging of waiting times (pre-start, etc.).

Indicator LEDs

The "proX" is equipped with a red and green LED indicator. The red LED indicates the active heating mode (ie red LED = on) or the regulating action of the thermostat (thermostat off = LED off). 
The green LED lights up whenever the tire warmer is connected to the power supply. 
The advantage is that you can check at a glance (even if the red LED is not lit), whether a functioning power supply is guaranteed.


Outer material and strip from "SuperTex". Airtight, heat-storing, water-repellent, dirt-repellent, washable! 
Inside: The high quality and heat resistant "NOMEX"!

Also available as VOLLNOMEX VERSION with red, blue or black stripes . Inside and outside made of highly heat resistant NOMEX. 
For motorcycles (eg various Ducati models) in which the exhaust pipe is very narrow (about <40mm) past the tire, we recommend using the Vollnomex version. Otherwise it can come with assembly or operation of the tire warmer at very hot exhaust pipe to damage the tire warmer outer shell.


A central hook-and-loop strap and elastic bands on the side allow quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

XXL-side cover

The sidewalls extend far down the side over the rim flange to protect the sidewalls of the tire and the rim from the cold wind. On the one hand, this improves the suspension properties of the tire and ensures a more constant tire air pressure due to a slightly higher rim temperature.


The power supply is via a 1.8m long connection cable with Euro plug. 
A stable cable strain relief ensures permanently trouble-free operation.

Colors and sizes

The basic color of the tire warmer is always black on the proX. 
Available stripe colors: black, red, blue, yellow, silver gray, gray, burgundy, green, orange. 
Sizes: 110-17 ", 120-17", 165-17 ", 180-190-17", 195-200-17 "," 205-17 " 
(Other sizes on request, just state your tire size when ordering )


Inclusive practical carrying bag for storage and transport.