PhaseOne XF IQ4 100MP Trichromatic

PhaseOne introduserer XF IQ4

  • Artnr: 72221

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

  • Komplett PhaseOne kamera på 100MP levert med XF kamerahus med prismesøker og 
    Schneider 80mm F/2.8 BR optikk. Alt levert i PhaseOne koffert med tilbehør. 

    Phase One created a new customized Color Bayer filter on an all-new 101-megapixel sensor to tailor the color response

  • The customization of the Bayer filter material in the Trichromatic allows the sensor to capture, and thus produce, cleaner color separation of the red, green and blue pixels, particularly at lower wavelengths

  • Separating color at a sensor level from the time of capture, with little to no color contamination, provides improved latitude in the final image render

  • A base ISO of 35 means the Trichromatic can produce the cleanest 101- megapixel image possible, and reaching to 12,800

    The IQ4 Platform Features
    This is much more than an [IQ3 + 1].
    - Infinity Platform
    - Capture One Inside
    - Dual Next-Gen storage: XQD and SD with future support for CFexpress
    - USB-C and Ethernet tethering
    - Wireless Tethering (actual raw file transfer)
    - Live View Focus Peaking
    - Live View Histogram
    - Live View Exposure Simulation
    - Improved Live View image quality
    - In camera JPGs
    - Pinch to Zoom
    - Multi-finger gesture ready
    - Brighter, Sharper, Faster LCD Previews
    - Improved Dark-Frame workflow

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