iWorkCase for 15" Touchbar

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The brand new iWorkCase two for the MacBook Pro 2017/2018. Custom fit for the Macbook Pro 2017/18.

The iWorkCase two 15" supports the Apple MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar USB-C starting from 2016 and comes in a new design. The inlay is specially matched to the MacBook Pro and the ports of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. With the new Inlay design you can use one HyperJuice MBP 1.5 222 or one HyperJuice MBP 1.5 150 in one Inlay. A special feature of the "two 15" version are the 4 CF and 4 SD-Card pockets in the inlay.

The iWorkCase two 15 provides storage for one HyperJuice MBP 1.5 222, or one HyperJuice MBP 1.5 150 battery, one or two 2,5 external hard drives depends on the brand, one USB 3.0 CF Card Reader  (max. size: 73 x 63 x 23 mm), 4 CF cards, 4 SD cards and extra parts in an additonal parts pocket.

The iWorkCase two 15 / 2017/18 fits all MacBook Pro 15 starting from 10.2016 with Touch Bar.

Dimension of the MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar starting 10.2016 :

Width: 349 mm       Depth: 240 mm    Height: 15 mm     (Dimension mm)
Width: 11,97 in       Depth: 9,47 in      Height: 0,59 in     (Dimension inch)

Included in delivery:*

  • One iWorkCase with replaceable high quality inlay and aluminum coupling plate
  • One custom sunshield unit
  • One dark cloth
  • One air circulation unit
  • One carrying strap
  • One subdivision unit
  • Two keys

* The additionally illustrated products for function showing (notebook, tripod, hard drives, power supply etc.) are not included.