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Gaia embodies simplicity and practicality to create a great training glider for schools and beginners with economy and value in mind.

Gaia retains the Sky  character and spirit, ensuring  that  the student pilot can appreciate the art of flying.

Gaia is also a wonderful solution for pilots that are looking for a great blend of value and quality, enabling them to enter the free flight world securely and safely upon a new glider.


Main Features:

  • Simple pre flight preparation
  • Very easy take off characteristics
  • Well balanced handling to allow pilots to quickly master their flying skills
  • Stable in rough air
  • Accessible performance
  • Intuitive and easy landing
  • Predictable behavior in  maneuvers
  • EN LTF certification


Each glider is delivered with:

  • ECO bag
  • T-shirt SKY TEAM 

Optional accessories:

GAIA is also delivered as a paramotoring wing and you can order special risers with the trimmer tabs, just the note the glider is not certified with trimmers tabs.