DynaJet 800 Bar


In addition to its user-friendliness, the special features of the DYNAJET 800th mobile, all-purpose cold- and hot-water high-pressure cleaner, offering a working pressure of up to 800 bar (11,600 PSI), are above all its light weight, compact dimensions and high level of performance and safety.



  • Single-axle chassis for easy manoeuvrability
  • Self-supporting and resilient frame design to optimise weight
  • Central lifting eye for optimum transportation to places with difficult accessibility
  • Underride guard for additional safety
  • Electrophoretic dip-painted frame for a high level of protection against corrosion and maximum surface quality
  • Targa design, separating the engine, pump and burner unit from the operating unit for enormous advantages in ergonomics, overall machine safety and noise reduction
  • Shock-resistant plastic hoods for minimum weight on the engine and operator side
  • Industrial gas springs, robust hinges and long-life hood technology for ease of operation



  • Industrial motor complying with the latest exhaust gas standards for a long service life and low running costs
  • Low engine idling speed for minimized noise and fuel cosumption
  • Microprocessor control to keep the familiarisation phase short, and to control the burner and motor, suction pressure, decalcification and frost protection, as well as automatic speed reduction when the device is running without water
  • Patented burner control without solenoid valves for safe and efficient, as well as instant-stop, operation
  • Operating-hours counter for optimum product costing analyses


Water supply:

  • 25 m supply hose on resilient, permanently installed drum for fast and easy refilling of the water tank
  • Washable stainless steel water-filter insert for maximum service life of the pump
  • Large, integrated water tank for independent operation, even where no external water supply is available, and as an additional "buffer" when the water supply is weak
  • Water-tank low-level monitor to protect the high-pressure pump from running dry
  • Booster pump for an optimum supply to the high-pressure pump to minimise wear and costs
  • A second pre-filter between the booster pump and high-pressure pump, with electronic dirt monitor for optimum protection of the pump
  • Low-speed, easy-maintenance 3-plunger pump for maximum service life and low wear costs
  • Stepless pressure adjustment for optimum, application-orientated regulation of pressure and flow rate, as well as minimized noise levels, diesel consumption and wear
  • Twofold safety with dry-stop pistol and electrically controlled unloader for work in chemical installations
  • Hose-pressure drop-down system in bypass operation for maximum safety and comfort
  • Always ready for operation, even in winter, due to simple frost protection system
  • Automated frost protection system

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