Joe & Marsha

Joe and Marsha Casto in Oklahoma has been our friends for more than 20 years. Joe is an ikon among Hot Rod enthusiasts and the "one and only" to turn to when you need a Ford 1928-38 dropped axle.


Gunnar from Harbonas Sweden. Gunnar is a true old school Hot Rodder with several award winning Rods being built singe handedly over the years. Gunnar has been a great and loyal friend of ours over the years - we owe him.


Security is important to all of us! We have our own "gate keeper". Gubben is a black mountain cat always on the watch out.


Sid Drapal is from Oklahoma as well. Together with Joe - they are among the very best in the dropped axle business. Sid's speciality is PU & Truck/Heavy Duty axles.


Goran from Knivsta Sweden is the person we turn to when expert metal & paint job i needed - and no one knows better how to rebuild a Muncie, Toploader or 833 4-speed. Our Model A coupe with 392 Hemi and La Salle 3-speed is the work by Goran.


Bo Gyllander, Orsundsbro Sweden - is a profesional photographer. If you admire som of our photos - you can bet they are by Bo's camera - a true artist. Thank you Bo.