Junk Yard Heaven for Hot Rods & Classic Cars Parts

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Engines and all parts for US Classic, Hot Rod and Muscle cars. Hard to find parts for 1946 - 1975 cars.

For more than 30 years we have been parting out US cars from the 1930-75.  With us you find a large inventory of engines, transmissions (manual) and rear ends. In addition all the rustfree sheetmetal & bodyparts you can imagine as well as complete bodies for your Hot Rod project.

A ford


Sheet metal & body parts, fenders, doors, bumpers, drills, gastanks and more. 1946-75.

A section view from one of our five warehouses.

Engines and bare blocks, cranks, heads, intake & exhaust manifolds. 1946-75

Hard to find engines - WE HAVE THEM ALL!

327, 396, 348, 409, HEMI 331, 354, 392, Ford 289, 292, 312, 390, 427, 428, 429, 460. All 455 Straight 6 and 8 - all of them.

Large inventory of classic Hot Rod bodies and frames for your nest project. Coupes, 2 door Sedans, PU's and Trucks


Carbs, mounts, clutches, discs, gasket sets, bearings, rings, pistons, crankshafts, mufflers + all you can dream of.

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Matador Tempo Matador

At Magic by Apart you can find the rarest/one of a kind vehicles! This one being a Tempo Matador 1954, 16 pax all aluminum bus with glas top. Is this the only one left?

Rare 409 Rare 409

We just love 409's and 392's but so hard to find these days. A few available in our warehouse but plenty more of 348's and 331/354's .

V12 Lincoln 1933 V12 Lincoln 1933

348, 409, 354, 392, 427, 455 - they are all "iron gemstones" but can they compete with a Lincoln V-12 aluminum engine (1933-34) or a Cadillac V-8 1928 - this is the kind of "jewels" we sell.

Muncie Muncie

At Magic by Apart we carry every manual transmission you can dream of (US) including cases/internals.

Muncie, Saginaw, Toploaders, 833, OD's, 3-speeds.