Views from the veranda

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Here is an opportunity to build positive, practical conversations about priorities and dreams. Published by Innovative Resources. 75 laminated, full-colour cards, 100 x 100mm, 2-part cardboard box, 32-page booklet.

Who can Use Views from the Verandah?

Views from the Verandah is designed to be versatile and useful to many people including a wide range of human service workers.

Many people have planning needs and struggle to adequately plan for the future, whether this is retirement, a career, recreation or family needs. Human service workers including teachers, financial counsellors, career advisors and family therapists, work with people around planning issues.

Like other Innovative Resources materials, we hope any individual or family can sit down with the kit, enjoy it and find it useful. Similarly, we believe that many human service workers will add it to their repertoire of tools and invent imaginative and creative ways of using the cards.

The compact nature of the Views from the Verandah cards makes them easy to carry and able to be used on the kitchen table, the lounge room floor, the counsellor’s desk or in the boardroom.


How can I Use Views from the Verandah?

Like other Innovative Resources strengths-based materials, Views from the Verandah can be used in many different ways and we can encourage people to experiement with creative and respectful ways of applying them.

Some people may like to sit down by themselves and use Views from the Verandah to reflect on their own pictures of the future. However, Innovative Resources believes our materials  work best when they are built into conversations.

We call our materials ‘prompts for conversation’ because of their ability to suggest important things that can be talked about. It is these conversations that can lead to significant change.

Views from the Verandah is a unique planning tool that combines concepts, graphics and gentle humour to provide prompts that can lead conversations in new and fruitful directions:

What are our pictures of the future?

What are our goals for the next 5, 10 or 20 years?

What is it that I would like to be doing compared to what I am actually doing now?

What do I mean by success? How would I like to be recognised by others?

How do we go about the process of setting goals? Who might we consult? How do my pictures of the future fit with those of the people who are close to me?

By suggesting questions like those above, Views from the Verandah can challenge us to be more systematic and rigorous in thinking through our pictures of the future and to approach planning issues in new and creative ways.

The ‘very important’ can then be prioritised:

What is most important now? What do you think will be most important in 5 or 10 years? What are you doing to achieve these ‘very important’ goals?

Or you might ask participants to categorise the cards according to how much time and energy they put into the different options:

What things consume most time and energy now? How do you think these will change over times?