Pocket of stones

  • Artnr: Stones

Beskrivning av artikel

Social Workers, Pre-School and Primary Teachers, Chaplains, Early Childhood workers and Psychologists have a look at these: A Pocket of Stones is a set of 12 hand-crafted, ceramic heads, each one with a different shape and a different facial expression.

Ideal for talking about feelings, they can be used by themselves or with other play therapy materials to open up conversations. Fans of our picturebook The Wrong Stone and the card set, Stones Have Feelings Too, will be delighted to find some of the same characters coming to life in this form. Published by Innovative Resources. 12 hand-made ceramic heads, approximately 30 x 30 mm each, in a drawstring pouch, accompanied by a 10-page booklet.

Länk för mer info: http://innovativeresources.org/resources/other-items/pocket-of-stones/