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A set of cards for building respectful, socially-just decision making We all make decisions constantly. Most people are aware that some of these decisions can have a profound and lasting impact. But how might an individual, organisation, group or team critique its own blind spots and develop confidence that its decisions are socially-just, respectful, inclusive and empowering for all?

Human Resources Managers, Community Leaders, Social Workers, Team Leaders: here is a unique kit of cards for inspiring exploration of the insidious nature of prejudice; identifying and naming the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation (or team) and insight about socially-just decision-making. Published by Innovative Resources 2001, 32 full-colour, laminated cards 100mm x 210mm with 28-page booklet presented in polypropylene box. For further information, card examples and articles on this resource please click the more info arrow below.

Name the Frame is designed to help people reflect on both the outcomes and consequences of their decision making, as well as the processes they adopt to reach decisions. It recognises that respect is not simply an attitude, it is also an action: respect is something we do.

These cards have a place on boardroom tables, in management retreats, in council chambers, in offices of parliamentarians, in community centres, as well as on kitchen tables. In fact, anywhere decisions that affect the lives of others-and ultimately, the nature of our communities-are made.