Mates traits

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This engaging resource is ideal for: identifying and developing positive social skills; naming the characteristics of real friendship; building positive communication and celebrating individuality and difference.

Teachers, chaplains, social welfare coordinators and anyone wanting to build insight into the vital role friendship plays in the maintenance of good mental health.  This is a truly unique antidote to bullying and associated problems that will enhance children’s learning around how to be a great friend and more empathetic person. 32 laminated, full-colour cards, 120 x 120mm, polypropylene box folds back to create a stand, 24-page booklet.

For children of all ages.

Here are some more great questions and activities to use with Mates Traits.

• Are there other characteristics of friendships not included in the Mates Traits pack that you think could have been? What are they? How would you draw the cartoon for this additional trait?

• Do you think it is important to have lots of friends? Is it okay to have just a couple of friends? Which do you prefer? Why?

• Are there people you would like to become friends with but for some reason you haven’t?

• Why would you like to become their friend?

• How do you think you could start a friendship with them? For example, could you write a letter?

• Do you think you could be a better friend? How? To whom?

Storytelling with children and adults

Mates Traits is a great resource for stimulating story telling and gives permission to share stories about friendships in a unique way.

Looking at the Mates Traits cards, can you tell a story about a special friendship you have experienced?

What do you value most in friendships and look for in your relationships with good friends?

All friendships go through ups and downs. Can you tell a story about what you did to save a friendship that was struggling?

Can you tell a story about a friendship you have witnessed or know about that has lasted a long time?

Conversations about friendship-building

Here are some positive questions to try out in conjunction with Mates Traits. Some may be worth introducing to a new group to establish some ground rules and expectations. Some questions may help repair fragile or tested relationships.

What are the most important things you think friends should do together?

Do you do different things with different friends? Does this ever create a problem?

Have you ever become friends with someone you didn’t like? How did you do this?

Do you think you can have friends who are very different from you?

Have you ever been hurt or let down by a good friend? Were you able to repair the friendship?

Do you think that boys build friendships in different ways than girls?

Why do you think some friendships last a long time, but others seem to fade away?

If there were ‘friendship awards’ to be given for each of the Mates Traits cards, which ones would you most like to win? As a friend, which of the cards says what you do well?