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Deep Speak - Nu på svenska!

While Deep Speak is primarily designed as a conversation-building tool it also lends itself to a number of reflective activities such as creative writing. For example, the questions on the cards can work as valuable prompts for journalling.

Deep speak

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Journalling is a powerful reflective tool that builds an ongoing written record of one’s thoughts and feelings. People journal for different reasons and in different ways. Avid journallers may have little need for imposed structure or prompts but at times even very experienced journallers enjoy the challenge of journalling to a theme and appreciate the suggestion of a focus.

The Deep Speak cards pose interesting and soulful questions that some people will enjoy responding to by writing rather than discussion. This writing can take a range of creative forms:

  • Can you use a Deep Speak card to form the basis for a short story or a ‘micro’ story?
  • Can you write this story as humour, drama, tragedy or romance?
  • Does a particular Deep Speak question remind you of someone you know
  • Can you use this question to write their biography?
  • Pick a question and imagine two characters-perhaps they are two characters within you. What do they have to say to each other in response to the question?
  • Pick a question and write the answer you think you might give many years from now.
  • Or perhaps you might answer the Deep Speak question by writing a poem? (Poetry does not have to rhyme but it can free us up to express our emotions and innermost thought in ways that structured, grammatically correct prose may not.)
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