Cars 'R' Us

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Inspired by Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and incorporating strengths – based ideas, Cars R Us is a conversation – building tool ideal for exploring feelings, responses and articulating goals. Perfect for anyone wanting to engage boys or men in important conversations.

For those familiar with Glassers work this is a hands – on tool that includes all the car – based metaphors Choice Theorists find so useful. The set consists of 52 brilliant cartoon – illustrated Fleet cards, 16 Know Your Vehicle cards, 10 Thinking Bubbles, one Journey Planner and an Owners Manual. Cars R Us poses questions we can all use to ensure were in the drivers seat of our own car, with a tank full of fuel, a well – tuned engine, an effective map of our journey, and a safe set of tyres. 60 full – colour cards 210mm x 148mm, 10 cards 150mm x 100mm, a comprehensive booklet of suggestions, polypropylene box.

What kind of car are you today?

Cars ‘R’ Us is built around a fleet of very human-looking cars demonstrating a range of emotions in everyday situations. Bursting with personality and fun, this resource is based on the idea that cars can reflect our nature and the roads we travel whether bumpy or smooth. Inspired by Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and strengths-based ideas, Cars ‘R’ Us is a conversation-building tool that can be used by anyone to explore feelings and set goals. Consisting of 52 Fleet cards, 16 Know Your Vehicle cards, 10 Thinking Bubbles, one journey planner and an Owner’s Manual, the Cars ‘R’ Us kit suggests many questions we can use to ensure that we’re in the driver’s seat of our own card, with a tank full of fuel, a well-tuned engine, an effective map of our journey, and a safe set of tyres. Questions like: • What am I thinking? • What am I feeling? • What’s happening in my body? • What do I really want? • Is what I am doing now working? • What can I learn from this? • What will I do next?

Cars ‘R’ Us has its origins in Dr William Glasser’s ‘Reality Therapy’ and ‘Choice Theory’. Reality therapy is a method of counselling used to assist people since 1965. Choice Theory is a framework designed to provide an understanding of human behaviour. It can be applied to counselling, managing and teaching. While Cars ‘R’ Us represents only a part of the theory, it provides a practical approach to:

• understanding ourselves and our feelings • identifying a process for rapid change • empowering people to help themselves • creating a sustainable blueprint to manage future challenges.

Because Choice Theory provides an accurate understanding of human behaviour, I use a variation of the car model in all my counselling. Cars ‘R’ Us provides a fun framework which can be used as a helpful metaphor in managing any problem.


Cars ‘R’ Us reflects this optimistic, positive psychology. The focus is on: • present behaviour that we can control • present choices available to us • practical problem-solving using Reality Therapy and strengths-based questions to encourage self-evaluation • taking responsibility for our behaviour, not the behaviour of others • avoiding blame, criticism and the deadly habits • strengths-based action to achieve realistic goals • tolerance and understanding of ourselves and others • changing ourselves, not changing others.