Traditional kayak cag

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The Greenlanders sure knew how to stay dry and warm - no doubt!

This paddle cag is simply the best there is!

Made by Brooks paddle gear, Canada. 3 m. neoprene. Super durable and comfortable.

It's of course perfect for rolling - obviously. But as a rough water touring cag, It's also great! Even kayak surfing is better with a tuilik on.

This is the standard model, suitable for small cockpits - up to 65 cm. length. For bigger cockpits, we recommend the tuilik "custom"

Available in black color and sizes S, M, M/L, L and XL 

Please ask if you are uncertain about your size. I've been selling these since 1996 and I know more or less what size fits who. 

And by the way...Haven't had a single complaint as long as i've been selling them! (But i get LOTS of positive feedback!)