Kit for skinning a kayak

Complete kit for re-skinning a kayak 5,5 m

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This is a kayak skinning kit that provides you with almost everything you need to either skin or re-skin your skin-on-frame kayak. 

The kit consists of skin fabric, which is made of 60 per cent polyester and 40 per cent nylon. It's a very strong and flexible fabric. Three times stronger than our thickest and strongest canvas, but still only 1/3 of the weight. It's easy to stretch over any frame because of the flexibility. The biggest advantage, however, is that the fabric stays tight even during huge shifts in temperature and humidity. 

The kit also consists of materials for a beautiful hemp deck rope, a stain of your own choice, needles (both curved and straight), a super-strong thread and sealant for making the seams  100% waterproof.

We have included a booklet in the kit. The booklet contains notes and explanations to assist online video instructions in kayak skinning. Plenty of additional explanations, illustrations, and still pictures. From the book:

"INTRODUCTION - In my “kayak cover” series of videos available on YouTube, I try to touch on every aspect of covering your kayak with an audio and video description of the process. However, for some, these concepts may be clearer with text and illustrations. In this booklet, I try to give you that last bit, as well as adding some additional details of the steps outlined in the videos. The videos are long—this booklet will also serve as a quick and handy reference in your workshop. Good luck!"

When the kayak is skinned and stained, you get a beautiful kayak with a transparent look where you can actually still see the frame. After the varnish, it will almost look like it's made of glass.

You get free instructions from Anders Thygesen's instruction videos on YouTube, where he walks through every process in a step-by-step sequence.

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