As the name indicates, Norwegian wood paddles are made of 100% Norwegian wood in Norway, under strict health and safety regulations.

We mainly use spruce, which is widely availabel in excellent quality. The weight is low and the wood is super strong. 

Surface treatment is normally done with pure linseed oil.

The tip of the paddle is subject to wear. As of November 2010 we have started including reinforced tips in all models. The tip has a hardwood core and is treated with clear and white epoxy.

The stamp on each paddle is Anders Thygesen's signature. The logo consists of the letters AT shaped like a wave. It shows that the paddle is handmade - by Anders' hands!

On the opposite side we have included the "Norwegian wood" logo.

Guide for choosing right paddle and right paddle length here:

FOR DANISH CUSTOMERS: Please note that you can get a variety of NW Paddles in Denmark as well at:



Classic Greenland paddle

Bestselling paddle through 20 years!


Women's paddle

Reinforced Greenland paddle

The extra tough paddle

Spare (storm) paddle

Short spare paddle

Surf greenland paddle

Surf and rock garden Greenland style paddle

20 years anniversary paddle

A special 2016 paddle

Kajaksport Inuksuk

Carbon fiber take-part paddle