Bioclear Certification - Posterior 16-17 Okt 2020

Bioclear Certification - Posterior 16-17 okt 2020

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Plats: Varbergs Stadshotell, Fredag 09:00-17:00, Lördag 09:00-16:00

En hands-on kurs för att bemästra Bioclear tekniken på posteriora tänder.

The Posterior Solutions course provides a new pathway for dentists to transition from GV Black dentistry, to the extraordinary world of modern composite dentistry using the Bioclear Method.  

After completion of the 2 day course at the BLC you will become a Level 2.0 & 4.0 Certified Bioclear Provider.

Level 2.0 – Introductory Posterior Composites

Day 1 focuses on introducing the Bioclear Class II and the ‘Calla Lilly’ cavity designs. During the course the instructor will illustrate the importance of creating ideal surfaces for bonding as well as cavity design to avoid ditching and crack propagation. The techniques taught in this course will give the participants the skills to create composite that increase the longevity of the tooth.

Level 4.0 – Advanced Posterior Composites

Day 2 focuses on perfecting treatment of back-to-back Bioclear Class II (Non-retentive saucer preparations) and discovering the benefits of the new opportunistic Class II. The course will include a full review of matrix wedging options and the advantages of modern separators will be discussed. Additional instruction will include the replacement of existing restorations to provide increased structural integrity of the teeth.

14 hours CE Credits/CPD credits/Odonotologiska poäng