Nuts and Bolts - Cases, Application and Rationalization

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Plats: Stockholm Water Front, Stockholm 24 November 2018, 09:00-17:00

This program is for attendees of Michaels course in June or that will attend the course on the 23rd November.

We have added a second optional day to continue your learning and increase your application of principles. This second day will be an exploration of cases and discussion of principles and application. It will be an interactive day of discussion, debate of the benefits and considerations of how we approach and treat cases.


In this program we will explore and discuss the application of communication, treatment planning & occlusion in everyday dentistry and beyond.

Dr. Melkers will take you on a guided tour of application of these principles on a variety of cases from single tooth, quadrant and full mouth, multidisciplinary care. Our goal is to help you implement these skills in your practice.

Learning objectives:

1 - Upon completion, the participant shall be able to:appreciate purpose vs process treatment planning as it applies to outcome based treatment planning

2 - The participant will have a thorough understanding of the benefits of patient centered, doctor facilitated approach to case planning and acceptance.

3-Learn when, why & how phasing treatment can be done safely.