Advanced Occlsuion & Case Planning Workshop 24-25 May 2019

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24-25 May 2019 in Sweden, venua to be decided

Dr. Michael Melkers would like to invite you to join him for a limited attendance workshop on advanced occlusion & case planning!

The goal of this workshop is to move beyond the didactic discussions of the challenges, techniques and intricacies of restorative and rehabilitative care and put the skills into your head and into your hands.

The workshop will be heavily focused on hands-on experience of working on cases that will allow you to take your knowledge home and put it to use immediately. 

-Experience all variations of equilibration; restore, reshape, remove, reposition & replace
-Case Planning & Process Staging
-Equilibration and working with challenged occlusions
-The nuances of Anterior guidance, balancing aesthetics and parafunctiontion
-Exploration of CR vs MIP in actual case application 
-Efficient waxing techniques that you will be able to put to use-even if you have not touched a waxer since dental school

..and more to come!

This workshop will involve exploration and planning of actual cases through hands on equilibration and waxing.

Previously only held in his office in the United States and Australia, this is the 1st time the program will be presented in Europe. We do not know when or if it will be offered again. Do not miss this unique opportunity.

This program is made possible with generous material & equipment support by Prestige Dental and Whipmix Corporation.