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* Gastrofor sales in the US under the name Gastromin

Lucys vet. David L. Sausville D.V.M., M.S.

Lucy says

I am an endurance rider who purchased an Arabian gelding. Within the first eight weeks of ownership he had intestine problems. After an endoscope was done by the University of Florida it was proven what was the horse problem.

We change fodder and feed the horse the feed supplement Gastromin and it give a very good result.

Thank you for such a wonderful natural product that heals ulcers and is affordable.

Lucy Snook

1. Picture of Lucy Snook’s horse that had an Endoscopic examination done by the University of Florida. The horse’s feeding program was changed and the horse began  with the use of Gastromin.

2. The picture is of the same horse after being treated with Gastrofor for 35 days.

You can see the healing process has definitely begun to take place.

3. The picture is of the same horse with a completely healthy stomach. The only product used was Gastromin.At this point, the horse was back in full training, had not been feed Gastromin for approximately 60 days.

Debbie says

Gastromin is the best ulcer medicine I have tried.  My horses love the flavor and noticeable results are seen within 5 – 7 days.   My horse is calmer, working smoother in his turns along with increased times.  His hair coat is brighter and shiner.    I have recommended Gastromin to several friends who are hooked on all the positive results as well. 

I will call you ….need to order more Gastromin!!!!!


Debbie Jebbia

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Jessie says

Hi there!  Duke does seem to be doing much better:). He isn't as sore in his back and is getting back to his friendly, in your pocket self. Still is a little spooky but that also seems to have improved. He loves the medicine and I have also switched him to oats which he seems to like as we'll. thanks so much for all your help. Now I just need to order some more!  Thanks again,

Very Excited,


Kelly says

I started using Gastromin (In Swedeh Gastrofor) 60 days ago and my horse has never looked so good. “Gone” suffered from bleeding ulcers that I didn’t know about until it was to late. He lost 150 lbs in 7 days and I almost lost him. I have used EVERY product out there over the last year, but nothing has worked for him except this product!he went down in July of 2012 and he will make his first barrel run back tomorrow, after using Gastromin for 60 days. Gone is not suffering ANY stomach pain and he looks AMAZING!!! Thanks Swedish Horse Power for making such a GREAT product and you will have a faithful customer for life!!!


Gaye says

”Your products have worked miracles on my mare. She is back on her feet and performing well. We don’t ever want to be without Gastromin.”

Gaye Steward
Shawnee Animal Hospital
Shawnee, OK