Minerals can be divided into different groups based on the nutrients availability for the organism on a cellular level.


Metallic minerals

Only 10-12 % of the metallic mineral, e.g. iron, can be utilized by the organism.


Chelated minerals

App. 40 % of this form of mineral, where enzymes binds with the metallic mineral in order to promote utilization, can be utilized by the organism.


Colloidal minerals

Colloidal minerals are extracted from plants and can therefore be considered as organic. They are non-toxic due to the plants’ ability to obtain “crude” toxic minerals from the earth and transform them into organic matter. 98 % of the colloidal minerals can be utilized by the organism.


Homeopathuset Söderström Minerals

When manufacturing the minerals, we use a method of production which will resemble the colloidal minerals. With nature as a model, we turn to the plants and their ability to obtain and transform the elements into extremely small particles. Minerals in this form are non-toxic and easily assimilated on a cellular level. The minerals in our products are in this form of extremely small particles.

The plants are the nature’s alchemists. They obtain elements from the soil which they, together with carbon from the air, form into carbon chains. These carbon chains are then transformed into vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. A plant produces the app. 90 different nutrition’s which are needed in order to avoid nutrition deficiencies. We are using plants as raw material in our production of the products.

Further more, the active ingredients of our products has a negative charge and the inner walls of the intestines a positive charge. This creates a magnetic attraction which concentrates the important nutrient substances in the products to the intestine walls. The nutrients are then utilized on a cellular level.

The electro magnetic pattern is one of the basic principles which make the mineral an invaluable catalyst of the nutrient uptake. The catalyst effect will also substantially increase the body’s ability to utilize nutrition from the feed.

This means that the body’s cells can assimilate the app. 90 different nutrient substances, which the plants form and that exist in forage, in a considerable higher degree of efficiency.


Homeopathuset Söderström  Products

It is a well known fact that molecules are surrounded by an energy field. If a large number of molecules bind together their total energy field will be reduced whereas the total energy field will increase when the molecules are divided in to small groups.

The active substances of our products are produced in the form of very small molecules that will function as nutrient substances for the body’s cells. In this form the active ingredients have an assimilation efficiency of 100 percent and will not be toxic for the cells.

The power of our micro dosage feed supplements is not in the substance itself but in their electromagnetic patterns – the smaller the particles are the larger is the patterns energy fields.

The vibration essences in our products are adapted to correlate with the vibration frequencies of the cells and cell groups that build the different organs and tissues the products are addressing. The vitamins and minerals of, for example Gastromin (that supports a healthy stomach) has a different vibration frequency than, for example Colomin (that supports a healthy colon).

Lactose has proven to be a valuable carrier of the micro molecules due to its ability to quickly transport them into the blood stream and on to the cells.

Quality and Saftey

Our thirty years of experience has resulted in products with the highest effect and quality.

All our products are manufactured with raw materials of the highest quality, they hold the highest microbial standards, they do not contain any preservatives or other chemical additives and they are absolutely free of heavy metals. Our manufacturing takes place under rigorous pharmaceutical control, with the same regulations as for nature medicine products.

Small Has Never Been Bigger


When manufacturing our products we work by the orthomolecular principal. The term orthomolecular medicine was introduced in to the modern science by the brilliant biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling.

Orthomolecular stands for; that who consists of or uses the “right” molecules (orthomeans correct, right). The term orthomolecular can be used on both small and large molecules.

Orthomolecular therapy is an organic treatment by using the substances that are normally present in the organism, for example vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids and hormones.

Orthomolecular therapy aims to, on a cellular level, recreate a healthy environment in order to protect the cell and its function, to treat illness and to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal.

We have chosen to use micro dosages in our products because our experiences have shown that micro dosages are the most powerful and will give the best results. (Others that are working according to the orthomolecular principle have chosen to use macro dosages in their therapy.)

The opposite of orthomolecular is xenomolecular - foreign molecular. Here foreign substances are used – synthetic substances that will poison the body in the same way biocides and artificial fertilizers will poison the environment.

In the pharmacology field you can find a doctrine by the scientists Arndt and Schultz that says that “high doses will paralyze and small doses will stimulate”. We believe that this doctrine should be applied in the use of vitamin and mineral supplements as well.

Most people are familiar with the term nanotechnology, the prefix nano means a billionth – a manometer is a billionth meter. As early as in 1959 the American Nobel prize winner Richard Feynman held a famous lecture with the title “There is plenty of room at the bottom” where he pointed out that nothing in the laws of nature prevents us from manipulating atoms and molecules and the science today is discovering how significant “the small” are.

But, the realisation that micro doses can help where macro doses does not has, and is creating frustration in the scientific societies that are stuck in the dogmatic and linear thinking that is firmly rooted within the traditional school medicine.


When manufacturing our line of products for horses, we have developed a process that ensures that the cells of the organism are able to completely assimilate and utilize the nutrient.

The Cell

In order to convey how the products will affect the horses’ nutrient balance I would like to explain how the cell works.

The cell is the living organism’s basic element and will, in different forms, format the body tissues and organs.

The nucleus of a cell is surrounded by a porous membrane with a constant exchange of

potassium and sodium ions between the fluid inside the cell and the fluids outside the

cell. This process is an important link of the metabolism and for the supplying of the necessary nutrient the cells will need in order to fulfil their many important functions.

Each cell is both a receiver and a transmitter that will uphold a constant communication with other cells, but each individual cell is also a viable unit in itself.

Electricity and magnetism are two fundamental principles that will keep the cell alive and each cell has its individual vibration frequency.

Just as each individual cell has its own frequency, the different groups of cells that together format tissues and organs also have a frequency which is unique for this specific tissue or organ. The cells of the stomach, for example, have the same frequency in each and every horse but a completely different frequency than for example a colon cell.

Healthy cells will break down carbohydrates into glucose which then is stored in the body. When the cells need energy they will break down the glucose in a series of chemical reactions. This process will also need oxygen in its final step. Energy is utilized and stored in the form of ATP, which is the cells energy molecule. The supply of nutrient will also provide energy for the elimination of slag products from the cell.

The healthier and more vital a cell is the better it will be able to resist attacks from foreign substances like virus and bacteria. When a cell or a cell group is imbalanced its vibration frequencies will alter and this will cause disturbances of the organ system that is strained. This will eventually cause illness – more or less serious.

The cells will be subjected to nutrient and oxygen deficiency, and the slag products will accumulate and poison the cell. However, the vibration frequency of a sick cell can be changed back to normal by supplying, for example, nutrient supplements in the form of micro doses of vibration essences.