The Swedish Manufacturing

Nelfab Sweden AB is Sweden's oldest manufacturer of nutritional supplements. The company is located in southern of Sweden.

Homeopathuset Söderström AB

The Concept

More than thirty years ago, Family Söderström started their company in Sweden. Over time, they have turned their business into an extremely distinctive enterprise.

They provide a service, to the market, that is absolutely unique.

Over the course of time they have developed a proprietary diagnostic method (hair analysis) in combination with their own line of products to treat horses and enhance their performance.

The program consists of:

  • Hair Analysis as a diagnostic tool
  •  Dietary Therapy
  • Products to address the horse’s condition 

The Company

The company has specialized in the production of nutrient-balancing products and all production takes place in Sweden. All products are manufactured from raw materials with the highest quality, the highest microbial standards, they contain no preservatives or other chemical additives and is absolutely free of heavy metals.

The company develops and produces products based on their own unique recipes and they are manufactured by Nelfab Sweden AB.The finished goods are controlled from production to delivery.

During the many years Homeopathuset Söderström AB has been on the market it has passed thousands of people and animals that use their services. Its mission is to best assist you with your horse's health.


Research and Development

In order to remain the leader in the industry, the Söderström’s have developed their own extensive research program. They closely follow the international development and maintain a close dialog with many scientific institutions and independent researchers who have specialized on horse health.


Practical Knowledge

Through their own actual work with horses and being in constant contact with owners and trainers, all over the world, they have created their own priceless library of knowledge. This knowledge has been implemented in the development of their products.



”Our mission is to educate others by giving them the knowledge of an alternative method of treatment and care for the horse. The pleasure, working with high performance horses can benefit greatly from these Products you are about to be introduced to.

The naturally occurring compounds we use have been researched extensively; the blending is done with precision and great care in order to guarantee a final product of the highest quality and potency.

Alternative treatment is certainly not new it has been with us for centuries, modern medicine stems from the curative properties found in plant life. Horses know instinctively which herbs and minerals are necessary to them for optimal well health but they are no longer living in a wild condition and are not able to get these plants them selves. We, as care-takers, are able to supply, to the horse, these organic compounds in the form of nutritional supplements.

So come, browse through our website and let us enlighten you to the wonders of alternative treatments. Nature’s way, still is often the best way”.

Hans and Elisabeth Söderström

The Product Line

The product line for animals

The Bestseller

Gastrofor Gastrofor 4 kg and 1 kg