We are Elite!

One of the Sports we do worldwide with Athletes and now our Clothingline is OCR, Trailruns, Gyms and mutch more.

This proves that our clothingline is designed for one of the toughest sports and environment out there. 

And with our Athletes and Ambassadors World Wide we salut them with this Gallery . 

To be Elite-Become ELITE!



*Linda Pilerud / OCR-SWE

*Markus Felldin / OCR-SWE

*Frans Jung / Ultra Runner-SWE

*Johanna Dermer/OCR-SWE

*Marcus Waltilla/OCR-SWE

*Juan E Maluenda/OCR-SWE

*Magnus Thorhede/OCR-SWE

*Daniel Persson/SWE

*David Pilerud/ OCR-SWE

*Anneli Alanko/ OCR-SWE

*Pia Kind / OCR-SWE

*Michael Söderman/ SWE

*Eric Solberg/ Thriathlon-USA

*Angela Roorda / OCR-The Netherlands

*Andrea van Lieshout/ OCR-The Netherlands



*Markus Johansson / OCR-SWE

*Daniel Bruhn/OCR-SWE

*Stefan Hjörnhede/ OCR-SWE

*Dwayne Legrand / OCR-USA

*Katrin Friis-Ottessen / OCR-Norway

*Martin Kistle / OCR-Norway

*Eva Burg / The Netherlands

*Johanna Eriksson / OCR-SWE




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