Automotive Cheap Trx & F/X 3

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Craig Fraser shows you step-by-step how to create a complete hot-selling automotive kustom graphic using his top tricks and techniques. You'll learn how to use fine-line vinyl tape, work on metal surfaces, use of negative and positive space, how to use automotive-quality masking tape, secrets of masking, how to apply automotive masking paper, uses of the X-Acto knife, how to protect against "bleeding," how to prep the surface, use of pre-cleaner, how to use House of Kolor urethane paints, use of RU-311 reducer, how to spray with the Iwata RG-2 spraygun, and the Iwata Eclipse and Micron C airbrushes, paint ratios, how to apply tack coats, hwo to avoid paint settling, how to use Kandy Concentrates, SG-100 Intercoat Clear, how to mix clears, use of stencils, the flame effect, how to avoid overspray, freehand airbrushing, hwo to render the 3-D effect in graphics, techniques for removing tape, correcting tape bleed, snake/lizard skin pattern, use of solvent-proof freehand shields, 'pushing' and 'pulling' colors, use of semi-transparent transfer tape, use of reference marks, multiple graphic design, use of dual-cartridge respirator masks, urethanes vs acrylics, wet vs dry spraying, making repairs, dulling the tape, 'blowout' technique with an airbrush, how to paint with pinstriping urethanes and create a slash line, loading the paintbrush, importance of 'spinning the brush', and much more.