Airbrush Mastery

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 Teknisk beskrivningRelaterade produkterHere’s the ultimate course on airbrush mastery taught by the legendary Terry Hill. This DVD is highly recommended for beginning and advanced artists of any airbrush application, including automotive custom painting, T-shirts, illustration, body art, skateboards, snowboards, model/hobby, fingernails, and the rest. The airbrush and its techniques are demystified through effective instruction and essential tips that promise to dramatically elevate your skills. Airbrush Mastery includes airbrush basics, how to render clouds, chrome, starbursts, freehand control, airbrush maintenance, practice drills, use of stencils and shields, troubleshooting, and tons more

You’ll learn:
• How to master the dagger stroke
• Airbrush control
• Ways to improve your skills
• The range of what an airbrush can do
• The variety of airbrushes: top-feed, bottom- feed, side-feed, double- and single-action
• Use of tabletop cleaning stations
• Troubleshooting
• Anatomy of an airbrush
• Use of the pistol grip filter
• Use of an external MAC valve
• Color bottle types
• Multi-gun systems
• How to back-flush an airbrush
• How to hold an airbrush
• Proper body positioning
• The comfort zone of airbrushing
• Air sources
• More than 30 exercises/drills
• Opaque versus transparent colors
• How to combat tip dry
• How to airbrush a beach scene
• Use of freehand shields
• Health and safety issues
• Business ethics

Bonus Features:
- How to make a manifold
- How to sharpen a needle
- How to check for airbrush leaks
- How to stipple

Terry Hill transcends T-shirt airbrushing, and he’s one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Based in Destin, Florida, Mr. Hill has been airbrushing for more than 30 years, and is also a head instructor and director of the prestigious Airbrush Getaway workshop program.

Running Time: 102 Minutes