Marble Effect Paint:

Specialist Paints Marble effects offer you an exciting paint finish. With Marble you can achieve the appearance of a deep marble, snake skin and plus many other effects. Marble is applied as a base coat that can be simply cleared over or try our candy effect paint.

Marble Colours:



MARBLE is now available in a aerosol can. CANZ give high output with excellent Atomization and high transfer efficiency with no pressure drop during application. Using our CANZ can save on time & labour with no paint mixing or Spray gun cleaning. 

To get the best result from MARBLE CANZ we recommend using our CANDY CANZ and 2K CLEAR-COAT CANZ. 2K CLEAR-COAT CANZ is the best 2k aerosol on the market!!

MARBLE Paint Kits:

MARBLE 3 litre Kit: Amazing Value!!!

  • 3 litres of BLACK Base coat
  • 3 litres of MARBLE (Any Colour)
  • 3 Litres of D-Thinner
  • 3 litre 2K Lacquer Kit (includes Activator)

MARBLE 1 litre Kit: Amazing Value!!!

  • 1 litre of BLACK Base coat
  • 1 litre of MARBLE (Any Colour)
  • 1 Litre of D-Thinner
  • 1 litre 2K Lacquer Kit (includes Activator)


MARBLE is easy to apply and can even be applied by a airbrush. For best results use a Black base coat but using different colours will give you a real custom effect.

  • Start by prepping your project as you would any other paint job. (Sand, Prime, etc.)
  • Apply 2-3 coats of Base coat leaving 10-15 minutes between coats. Wait 1 hour before applying the Marble effect to ensure base coat is fully dry.
  • Stir Marble well. Marble is ready to use
  • Apply 1-2 Thin WET coat. Immediately use cling wrap, plastic sheeting or your choice of texturing tool to produce the desired effect. ( Apply cling wrap to the entire part then rub the cling wrap down with your hand to insure contact with surface then remove the cling wrap leaving you with a marble like finish.)
  • Allow 1-2 hour drying time before applying a Candy or a 2K Clear coat