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Description IONI

IONI is a digital motor drive designed for driving AC/BLDC and DC servo motors and steppers. IONI allows controlling motors in all three operating modes: position control, velocity control and torque control (torque mode only with servo motors). Applications of such control methods include

  • Position control, such as CNC, robotics and 3D printing
  • Velocity control, such as spindles or feeders
  • Force / torque control, such as racing simulator wheel

Commands to IONI drive can be delivered in many formats and from many sources, such as PC, PLC, microcontroller (i.e. Arduino, MBED and OEM boards) or embedded computers like Raspberry Pi. IONI understands several forms of setpoint commands:

  • Step & direction digital signals (typical stepper drive interface, good for position control)
  • Analog +/-10V signal (good for speed or torque control)
  • PWM signal (good for speed or torque control)
  • RS485 serial bus (talks SimpleMotion V2 bus protocol, open source library available)

Supported motors

As motor is not included, make sure that you have, or obtain a motor that is compatible with IONI.

Servo motor requirements:

  • Permanent magnet brush-DC, AC, brushless or linear motor
  • Motor voltage rating 12-60 VDC (IONI supply voltage is 5 – 52 VDC)
  • Motor current rating 0.5 – 15A (IONI maximum output is 15A)
  • Servo motor must be equipped with an incremental encoder (position sensor) with resolution of 100 to 1000000 pulses per revolution.

Stepping motor requirements:

  • Two-phase stepping motor with 0.5 – 10A current rating, no feedback device needed. Can be used in position and velocity control mode. Torque control mode not possible with stepper.


Argon Argon features

Argons are built to last – and we have faith in their longevity. If your Argon break within 24 months of use, we will simply repair or replace them free of charge (details).

  • 3-way safe torque off with motor braking
  • Prevent machine damage via I²t (motor temperature modelling), blocked motion and tracking error detection
  • Industry leading ruggedness: over current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage and over temperature protections, internally fused, data/communication error detection
  • CE compliance

The new era hardware

Hardware of Argon has been designed from ground up without any historical payload. The main character of the construction is the unique dual CPU architecture where CPUs are connected together with single isolated link. This not only costs less but also yields unforeseen flexibility and reliability. The I/O side ARM CPU comes with open source firmware allowing implementing unlimited stand-alone user programs and functions directly inside the drive.

Argon internal construction

Documentation & Downloads

The documentation of Argon is available at Granite Device Wiki. Check also side box links for additional downloads (software, firmware, manuals, app notes)

W Argon in the knowledge Wiki

PDF Argon PDF data sheet


Download Download  GDtool tuning software, version 2.5.1 for VSD-E & VSD-XE