Ny forsterker for EMC fra Amplifier Research 1-2GHz / 8000W

Ny forsterker for EMC fra Amplifier Research 1-2GHz / 8000W

Amplifier Research har lansert forsterkeren 8000SP1G2 som går til 8000W i frekvensområdet 1-2GHz. Det er en solid state lineær modell som er ideell for Radiated Imunity EMC testing.

  • •Ideal for pulse-output RF applications at low duty factors
  • Instantaneously covers the 1GHz – 2GHz frequency range
  • All solid-state linear design ideal for Radiated Immunity EMC testing

Product Summary The 8000SP1G2 is a new all solid-state pulse-output amplifier design. It instantaneously covers a frequency range of 1GHz – 2GHz with a conservatively rated RF output of 8000 watts minimum peak RF pulse power at the amplifier output connector. Final RF performance details of the 8000SP1G2 can be found on the data sheet, along with specifications for dimensions, weight, power requirements, power consumption etc. The 8000SP1G2 standard configuration includes RF connectors on the front panel, with the enclosure and remote interfaces included. See the data sheet for configuration options and ordering information.

Applications: The 8000SP1G2 provides readily available pulsed RF power for typical applications such as radiated susceptibility testing to Military and aviation standards, and university research and development.

Susceptibility applications include: MIL-STD-46 and Research & Development.

Related Products: The SP-series of standard solid-state pulse-output amplifiers includes multiple models in each of several frequency ranges, covering 800MHz – 2.5GHz, 1GHz – 2GHz, 1.2GHz – 1.4Ghz, 2GHz – 4GHz and 2.7GHz – 3.1GHz, at rated RF peak output power level of 1,000 watts to 20,000 watts. This broad product offering provides solutions for a variety of testing and R&D needs.


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