20 years anniversary paddle

A special 2016 paddle

  • Art.no: 10212


"just because..." seems to be the reason I wanted to make this new paddle. After that, I came up with a couple of ideas that I went on working with.

This paddle is special mainly in the way it looks. It's the "classic" Greenland paddle that I've been doing for 20 years now. But I added a few thin strips of dark aspen and hvite epoxy on the tips. 

Oh...and I took off a few mm. width on the shoulder and added a few on the tip, making the blade slightly wider and the shoulder slightly slimmer... much like the very first paddles I did more than 20 years ago.

To make this a little extra light, we also hollowed out the loom, so these are generally a bit lighter than the classic ones. 

I wanted these to be available both as spare/storm paddles and full-scale paddles. so they come in 180, 190, 200, 210, 215, 220, 225 and 230 cm. length.