Welcome to our brand new web shop

Welcome to the Norwegian wood paddles web shop!

I am proud to present all my different paddles and other gear available to customers all over the world! The web shop is still work in progress, so if you have any questions, please drop me an e-mail.

Please note:

So far, prices on shipping to other countries has to be done manually. So when you order something, I e-mail you back regarding shipping. Generally, paddles cost around 40 US$ to ship to the US or other oversea countries. Shipping within Europe usually costs around 40 Euro.

All prices in the English version of the web shop are ex. VAT. 

And yes, Paypal is the preferred method of payment for foreign country orders.. Swift/wire transfer also works.

Once you have placed your order, I contact you staright away regarding both freight and payment.


Anders Thygesen


Oh... and after finishing your order, a message box will appear - that's where you write the length of your paddle, size of your tuilik etc.

New kayak t-shirt! now available in red and blue. 

20 years anniversary paddle

A special 2016 paddle